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Empowering Remote RCM Teams to Navigate COVID-19

RCM teams are learning how to navigate COVID-19, and a little compassion toward your team goes a long way in times like these. If your RCM team is telecommuting during this health crisis, this webinar will outline 5 ways you can help them out.


Patient Communication Trends to Watch in 2020

After surveying over 350 patients and 50 providers, we learned that many health systems’ communication strategies are misaligned with patient expectations. In this webinar, you can learn how your strategy compares to patient expectations.


6 Elements of the Patient Financial Experience That Matter (& 1 That Doesn’t)

The financial experience matters to patients. In fact, most patients consider it when choosing their provider. We wanted to learn more, so Patientco conducted a survey to understand exactly what matters most to patients when it comes to their financial experience. In this webinar, you’ll find out the six things your Health System should prioritize to ensure its billing and payments process leaves a positive impression on patients.


How Rewarding is Patient Loyalty?

What is patient loyalty worth? You probably know it’s valuable, but what if you could tie it to a dollar amount? Consumer-focused industries often examine Customer Lifetime Value, but this concept understandably makes healthcare leaders uncomfortable or may strike some as insensitive. It shouldn’t be insensitive though! In this revenue cycle webinar, we’ll discuss how embracing this concept can actually empower your Health System to improve the patient experience.


What does +$1 billion worth of payment data suggest you focus on for 2019 revenue cycle success?

In this webinar, learn how digital technologies have been embraced by consumers across demographics and why this impacts the way Health Systems engage patients. Today, it’s important to take a digital-first approach to communication and this webinar will explore how to experiment with data to tailor communication and payment options for patients.


Consumerism Trends and Implications for RCM.

It’s no secret that consumer expectations are higher than ever. At the same time, consumers are increasingly digital – in fact, smartphone ownership has grown rapidly across demographics. In this webinar, learn how these shifts are impacting the healthcare industry and find out what it takes for your Health System to deliver a superior patient experience.


What you should know about patient financing (but probably don’t)

Healthcare is more expensive than ever. In fact, 55% of Americans have received an unaffordable healthcare bill. But there’s good news – by offering the right financing options at the right time, revenue cycle leaders can turn patient liability into an economic growth engine. Learn how in this webinar!