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The Test of Time:

How to Use Millions of Past Payments to Predict Future Revenue



 Every day spent waiting for patient payments constrains cash and increases the odds of having to write off payments. Don't wait months to make adjustments to your billing strategy. Take a pro-active and predictive- approach to patient revenue management. 

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Patientco has given us the modern payment channels customers want and demand.  We look much more like an Amazon now in terms of payment than a 1970's business office. 

Mike Hagan

Dir. of Rev. Cycle Operations, Meadows Regional Medical Center

By working with Patientco, we have been able to increase payments at the point of service and bring a majority of our processes back in house.

 Debby Froebel

       Director of Revenue Cycle,          Capital Region Medical Center

We look at this as a true partnership - a true commitment to improving our patient satisfaction.

Mike Simms

             VP of Revenue Cycle,             Cone Health



Higher Payments 

Higher Online Bill Pay Adoption

Increase in Patient Revenue

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The Case For A Patient-Centric Revenue Cycle

The Test of Time: How to Use Millions of Past Payments to Predict Future Revenue

 Don't Leave Cash on the Table

At Patientco, we see patient revenue as a huge opportunity- not a burden. It's true, the average patient bill sits in accounts receivable for more than 60 days before it is paid. Providers collect an average of 17 cents on the dollar of what is owed.

Make Faster, More Agile Decisions with Probabilistic Modeling

You can improve payment collection by taking a proactive, and predictive, approach to patient revenue management. Probabilistic payment modeling uses statistical analysis based on historical data and real-time payments to measure the impact of any new billing behavior even before the billing period is complete.

Predictive probabilistic models enable accelerated testing cycles and faster revenue capture. 

Download our free white paper to learn more.

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