I am having trouble logging in using my email address and password.

  • Click on the ‘Account Login’ link at the top of our homepage or click here to access the login screen where you will be asked to enter your email address and password.
  • If you cannot remember your password, you can click here to reset it. After entering your email address and clicking ‘reset password,’ you will receive an email containing a secure link, which will allow you to choose a new password.
  • If your email address has changed since you registered with Patientco or you do not receive a password reset email, please contact the Patientco support team at 888-747-2455 or email support@patientco.com.

I am having trouble entering my SecureHealthCode.

If you are having trouble entering your SecureHealthCode or you receive the message ‘We could not find that bill. Please try again,’ ensure that you are entering the SecureHealthCode and amount exactly as they appear on your bill.

Watch a 1 minute video of how to enter your SecureHealthCode here!

If your bill is printed in COLOR:

The SecureHealthCode for online payment is the GREEN alphanumeric code located at the top right of your bill, directly under GoPatientco.com. This code consists of BOTH letters and numbers.

Color SHC

If your bill is printed with only BLACK ink on light green paper:

The SecureHealthCode for online payment is located in a gray box on the right of the page, directly under the amount due.

Black SHC

In addition to your SecureHealthCode, please ensure that you are entering the total amount owed – exactly as it is printed on your statement. In order to further safeguard your health information, we require the amount of the bill to be entered exactly as it appears.

If you wish to pay a smaller amount, you may change the amount of the payment once your bill is located in the Patientco system.

I don’t have a SecureHealthCode… what should I do?

  • To safeguard your health information, we require a SecureHealthCode in order to set up your PatientWallet for the first time and any time you are adding an additional billing account to your PatientWallet.
  • If you have received a Patientco bill, but no longer have it, please contact your provider directly for assistance. 
  • If you have paid a Patientco bill online previously, you no longer need a SecureHealthCode to access information for the same billing account. You can simply log in by clicking ‘Account Login’ on the top right corner of the page or by clicking here.  To access billing information or to make a payment on a new account, simply enter your new SecureHealthCode / amount and login.

Who is Patientco and why am I being billed?

  • Patientco partners with healthcare providers across the country to simplify the patient billing experience.  If you have received a Patientco statement, your provider has opted to use Patientco’s statement printing and online bill pay service.
  • If you have questions related to the services and charges on your bill, insurance filing questions, or other general questions not related to your online Patientco account, please contact your medical provider directly.
  • The easiest and fastest way to contact your provider is via Secure Message. To get started, simply enter your SecureHealthCode and exact amount that’s printed on your bill, then click ‘Ask a Question About Bill’ under the ‘Make a Payment’ button here.

I have questions about charges to my bank account or credit card.

Patientco processes payments on behalf of healthcare providers across the country.  The charges on your bank or credit card statement may be from:

  •  A payment you made while at the hospital or doctors office
  •  A payment you made using the Patientco website or by calling the toll-free phone number on your bill and using the automated phone system
  •  A payment you made by calling your provider and giving your credit card details over the phone

Please note that charges on your financial statement may be listed as originating from either Patientco Holdings, Inc. or from your provider directly.

If you have questions about a specific charge, please contact the Patientco support team at 888-747-2455 or email support@patientco.com before contacting your financial institution.