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Happy patients.
More payments.

Meet consumer expectations and grow self-service payments while making healthcare more affordable.

Engaged staff.
Better results.

Intuitive technology enables staff to drive POS performance, increasing staff-assisted payments.

Enterprise connectivity.
Proven impact.

Safely reduce administrative complexities and gain system-wide visibility of patient payments with a multi-HIS integration.

Happy Patients. More Payments.™

Your patients expect a modern billing and payment experience from their preferred Health System. An improved financial experience creates more payments today and increased loyalty tomorrow.

Improve the patient experience. Grow self-service patient payments.

Patients rave about our payment tools, with 94% (or higher) providing a ‘thumbs up’ when asked to review their online bill payment experience. Purpose-built tools yield more payments, too – Patientco clients see self-service payments grow by as much as 200%.


Offer an intuitive patient billing and payment experience.

Deliver tailored communication and modern self-service patient payment options with an intuitive user experience. Your patients will thank you (and pay you more!)

Patientco drives patient engagement with:

  • Easy-to-understand eBills and print statements
  • Clear SMS text and email notifications
  • Communications that consider user preferences
  • eBills with SMARTSuppress™ paper suppression

Patientco grows self-service patient payments with:

  • Intuitive online bill pay
  • Automated pay-by-phone system
  • Convenient stored payment methods
  • Self-service payment plans
  • Low or no cost credit offers*

* Must meet minimum Health System requirements

Meet patients' financial needs. Address your Health System's business objectives.

Whether your health system wants to provide better patient financial care or empower your revenue cycle team with the right technology, Patientco can help. Our platform is backed by HFMA’s Peer Review designation, so you can be confident that Patientco will make a positive impact for your organization.


“I love getting my bills delivered right to my email! I quickly pay them and then move on with my life! Thank you, Patientco!”


Engaged Staff. Better Results.

Give your managers and staff the tools to influence and improve point-of-service (“POS”) patient payments.

Engage patients digitally. Accelerate patient payments.

Digital-First Billing facilitates email and text communication first with flexible payment options included, without mailing a paper statement. Patients are engaged through the digital channels they prefer and they receive eBills six days faster than they would via mail. The result is a better patient financial experience and faster payments for Health Systems.

Capture more patient payments at the point of service.

Patientco clients collect more point-of-service payments, some by as much as 30%.

Leverage easy-to-use technology designed for healthcare revenue cycle leaders.

Patientco’s software integrates with your systems to provide up-to-date patient balances from across all Health System care settings while user-friendly terminals quickly process secure credit card payments.

For your staff, Patientco delivers:

  • Outstanding patient balance prompts
  • Compound payment workflows
  • Payment plan enrollment and automation
  • Real-time POS collection dashboards
  • End-of-shift reconciliation tools
  • Cloud-based EMV terminals with vP2PE
  • Holistic patient payment reporting
  • Friendly US-based support available 24/7


“We’ve seen such great financial results through our partnership with Patientco. The way their payment features exchange data natively with our HIS makes our workflow that much more efficient.”


Enterprise Connectivity. Proven Impact.

A modern patient financial experience spans the enterprise from ambulatory to acute and pre-service to post-adjudication. At scale, this unified, modern experience also predictably generates more payment dollars with less administrative burden.

Deliver more patient payments for your Health System.

Patientco clients often see a 15-25% increase in patient payments.

A multi-facility Health System with +100 owned physician practices realized:

  • 32% increase in patient payments
  • $12.7MM annualized increase
  • 78% self-service payments



Take control of your patient accounts receivable.

Leverage technology designed to increase patient payments while reducing the administrative burden of managing patient payments.

For Health Systems, Patientco Delivers:

  • HIS integration – Epic, Cerner, and Meditech
  • PCI Level 1 service provider with vP2PE
  • Cloud-based, encrypted hardware and software
  • Automated posting and balance updates
  • Guaranteed reconciliation
  • Holistic patient payment reporting
  • Simplified vendor landscape
  • System-wide billing and communications


“By rolling out Patientco in MyChart and across 21 facilities and a network of over 4,000 physicians, we are able to gain enterprise-level reporting and visibility into all payments to ensure a simplified payment experience for our patients.”


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