How Patientco Supported Clients During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Navigating a once-in-a-lifetime global pandemic proved challenging for everyone and our health systems are the heroes that saw us through this crisis. Responding to the COVID-19 pandemic required a coordinated effort from all stakeholders in healthcare, including the IT vendors that support U.S. health systems. Some, including Patientco, rose to the challenge and proved to be more than just a vendor, but rather a true partner, invested in the success of our country’s health systems.

KLAS Research rated health IT vendors’ responses to COVID-19 based on feedback from provider organizations, which was collected between April 1 – December 31, 2020, and published the findings in its report: Vendor Performance in Response to the COVID-19 Crisis. Vendors were rated on a scale of 1 to 9, with 9 being the highest score possible.

Patientco scored 8.7, higher than many of the vendors analyzed by KLAS.

“Patientco’s support is very responsive. The executives are typically involved in a lot of the calls I have with Patientco. Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, Patientco has been very responsive, and they have reached out to us right away about our needs and how they could help us. The vendor has been very quick to respond to any of my requests.” – Client, July 2020

How Patientco Rose to the COVID-19 Challenge

Suspended COVID-19 Related Bills

Patientco provides COVID-19-related system checks to identify and suspend bills that would otherwise be sent to patients who had received treatment for COVID-19. This ensured health systems were compliant with the rules introduced by payers as well as state and federal agencies to protect COVID-19 patients from being billed for care. Today, health systems are using Patientco’s platform to prevent inadvertent bills from being sent to patients who have received a COVID-19 vaccine.

During the COVID-19 crisis, Patientco was able to respond to some communication requests that we had that we wanted to reflect immediately on their platform. The vendor was very helpful.

– Client, July 2020

Addressed Cost Concerns with Flexible Payment Options

To provide compassionate financial care for patients facing economic uncertainties, Patientco made it easy for clients to adjust their financial policies – from letting patients schedule payments for future dates to enrolling in payment plans and longer-term financing options – we supported it all. 

Many revenue cycle executives worked with Patientco to relax their payment plan guidelines for patients. By adjusting their business rules, we enabled multiple health systems to extend payment plan terms. This supported lower monthly payments for their patients. For example, patients might typically pay an $800 bill in $100 increments over the span of 8 months. With extended payment plans, patients can pay the balance in $80 increments over the span of 10 months. 

“During the COVID-19 crisis, Patientco has been in continual contact with us to make sure that we can give our patients any type of message about collections or payment postponements or anything. Every month, I have a call with one of Patientco’s senior people to go through whatever the vendor could do for me.” – Client, July 2020

Offered Text-to-Pay for Secure, Contactless Payments

To give patients a convenient, secure contactless payment option, Patientco rolled out Text-to-Pay, which eliminates the need for shared hardware devices and ensures PCI compliance. With Text-to-Pay, providers send a payment request via SMS text to a patient in real time. Then, the patient clicks on a secure link to make a payment directly from their smartphone. This made it an ideal solution for telehealth visits, remote working environments and COVID-19 testing sites.

To support social distancing during the pandemic, one health system client used Text-to-Pay during its new check-in process, where patients checked in from their car. With Text-to-Pay, patients could easily pay their copay or balance on their smartphone from the car, which streamlined the check-in process. Many clients have also used Text-to-Pay to help their back-office team more easily accept payments while working from home. 

“Patientco does an excellent job. When COVID-19 hit, the vendor was quickly on top of things. The vendor reached out to us before I even had the opportunity to reach out to them. They let us know what they could do to help and offered different things, such as mailers to patients and discounts. The vendor created a text-to-pay solution that could help people make their payments while at home rather than in the office because we weren’t allowing people in as often. The vendor has always been ahead of the game since we went live with them. They have been constantly improving and looking for better ways to support us. I would absolutely purchase Patientco’s system if I were to go back and make the decision again. Patientco has been phenomenal to work with. They have probably been the only vendor I haven’t had issues with.” – Client, June 2021

Invested in Your Success

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