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Article: A Five-Star Payment Experience Is Something To Strive For, Especially In Health Care

The health care industry is unlike any other and many of its distinct challenges can be tackled by revamping the patient financial experience. From price transparency and affordability to increased competition for patient loyalty, a superior payment experience can help address all of these.

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White Paper: Revenue Cycle Diagnostics – Is Your Partner Prescribing the Right Strategy?

Revenue cycle technology is not a “set it and forget it” endeavor. Is your partner helping you leverage your technology to optimize performance?

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White Paper: Is it Time for a New Patient Payment Solution? These 3 Metrics Will Tell You

Executive Summary All Health Systems have a patient payment solution, whether it’s based in their HIS or an...

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White Paper: The Patient Financial Experience: Breaking it Down to Build a Better One

Health Systems must grab patient’s attention with the right financial communication and then influence the patient to act, or pay. As patient engagement and payment are two key components that define the financial experience, how can we improve them and define an even better experience? The answer: with data.

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White Paper: How Experimenting with Your Revenue Cycle Pays Off, Literally

With machine learning and a trusted partner, your Health System can automatically test and re-test changes to the payment process. This, in turn, will help continually optimize your revenue cycle operations.

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White Paper: Quantifying a Superior Patient Financial Experience

We identified four key metrics that enable Health Systems to quantify the patient financial experience. This makes it easier to identify opportunities for improvement and track which factors impact patient experience the most.

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Smart Technology and Patientco

White Paper: Improving the Patient Financial Experience Through Smart Technology

Smart Technology can be used to automate incremental, yet material improvements in the patient financial experience. This innovation can accelerate payments, reduce costs, and increase patient satisfaction.

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White Paper: Healthcare is #1 for All the Wrong Reasons: Strategies to Reduce Reliance on Collection Agencies & Improve Patient Experience

Leading Health Systems will leverage smart technology, segmented communication, and tailored financial offers to help address the healthcare affordability crisis.

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White Paper: What You Should Know About Patient Financing (But Probably Don’t)

Patient financing is not one-size-fits all, and many healthcare leaders believe financing products require compromise. What if that belief was false? How can patient financing be used to both serve patients and boost payments? Revenue cycle leaders can leverage smart technology to offer tailored financing options to the right patients, at the right time, shifting patient liability from a seemingly unmovable obstacle to an economic growth engine.

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