SCP-HealthPatientco will provide SCP Health a suite of patient-friendly billing and payment tools

SCP Health (SCP), a national clinical practice management company, has selected Patientco, a next-generation patient payment technology company, to give patients an easy way to understand and manage their medical expenses.

SCP, operating in over 400 facilities across 30 states, wanted to implement billing and payment tools that better served patients. By partnering with Patientco, SCP will offer a modernized experience, centered around the financial needs of the patient.

Utilizing Patientco, SCP’s patients will receive easy-to-understand, digital billing communication, delivered through their preferred channel. Patientco’s Digital-First Billing feature allows patients to receive their bills through email or text. Patients will then be able to pay using their preferred device 24 hours a day, seven days a week with intuitive self-service tools. To address affordability concerns for patients, SCP will also support online, self-service enrollment in flexible payment options. With Patientco’s digital billing communication and convenient online payment tools, SCP will offer a cutting-edge patient financial experience.

Patientco technology directly integrates with health information systems (HIS), empowering SCP’s revenue cycle team with access to new productivity tools, including:

  • Digital mailroom for automated check & correspondence handling
  • Enterprise-wide reconciliation
  • Multi-PM/HIS auto posting
  • Real-time payment reporting

“The implementation of Patientco helps support our goal of making the patient experience positive and convenient, through multiple channels,” said Keith Cantrell, Chief Revenue Officer of SCP Health. “Additionally, this helps us continue the path to best-in-class clinical effectiveness.”

“Paying for healthcare is a source of anxiety for many Americans, as medical bills are notoriously confusing and oftentimes, unaffordable. This even leads many patients to avoid medical care,” said Bird Blitch, CEO of Patientco. “By partnering with Patientco, SCP Health will reduce the stress associated with medical billing and payments for more than six million patients across the U.S. and empower patients to get the care they need, regardless of their financial situation.”

About SCP Health

SCP Health (SCP) is a clinical company. At our core we work to bring hospitals and healers together in the pursuit of clinical effectiveness. With a portfolio of over six million patients, 7500 providers, 30 states, and 400 healthcare facilities, SCP Health has grown to be a leader in acute unscheduled care. And with the expansion of our national reach, so, too, have our clinical offerings evolved to span the entire continuum of care, from hospital-based medicine to telemedicine, intensive care, and ambulatory care.