Patientco reduces complexities associated with managing patient payments and makes it easier for Health Systems to roll out patient-friendly payment tools across the enterprise.

With proven RCM integrations and now certified as a Payment Facilitator (PayFac), Patientco, a next-generation patient payment technology company, makes it easier than ever for Health Systems to roll out new, intuitive payment tools that scale across the enterprise.

Health Systems are often tasked with managing disparate payment vendors, gateways, processors, terminals, HIS integrations and more on their own. Enterprise Health Systems with multiple owned and affiliated entities face even more complexities, drastically limiting the ability to easily incorporate modern, patient-friendly payment options throughout the enterprise.

However, Patientco’s status as a PayFac coupled with out-of-the-box HIS integrations means the company’s onboarding, underwriting and configuration process for new Health System clients is simple and fast. This allows enterprise Health Systems to begin processing patient payments via credit card, checks and contactless payments in just a few days. Likewise, new locations can turn on payments immediately.

Patientco also supports more efficient, user-friendly payment processing by integrating credit card payments with other payment methods, including automated pay-by-phone and lockbox payments, which is not typical of other PayFacs. As a result, Patientco can automate reporting, reconciliation and posting for all patient payment types with guaranteed accuracy.

“Nearly 80 percent of patients choose their provider with the billing and payment process in mind, according to Patientco’s latest survey. Yet, investing in new payment tools can seem like a time- and resource-intensive process due to the perceived implementation and maintenance complexities associated with integrating new payment technology,” said Sean Joyce, chief technology officer at Patientco.

“As a PayFac built for enterprise health systems from the ground up, Patientco greatly simplifies implementation and ownership, offering Health Systems greater flexibility to respond to their patients’ financial needs and implement new, intuitive payment tools that scale across the enterprise. This supports an improved billing and payment experience that aligns with what today’s consumer expects.”

About Patientco:

Patientco is a payment technology company founded specifically to re-think the patient payment experience in healthcare. By combining intuitive consumer payment tools and world-class payment infrastructure backed by data-led design, we create a superior billing experience and deliver more payments to Health Systems. Patientco is making healthcare better one payment at a time. To learn more, email, visit or connect on LinkedIn.