Integrations power payment processing while creating better experiences for patients and staff

Patientco, a next-generation patient payment technology company, has joined the Epic App Orchard Marketplace with two payments solutions: Patientco Patient Payments, which supports self-service payments via MyChart, and Patientco Encrypted Device Integration, which allows staff to collect payments without leaving the Epic workflow.

Patientco Patient Payments works in sync with Epic’s MyChart, enabling patients to pay their healthcare bills how they prefer, including via all major credit and debit cards, as well as automated payment plans within the portal. Patients never have to leave MyChart or maintain a separate set of login credentials to complete a payment, supporting a secure, seamless billing and payment experience.

For Health System staff, Patientco Encrypted Device Integration supports all pre-service, point-of-service and business office payments needs. The solution integrates Patientco’s user-friendly, cloud-based EMV terminals with Epic. This enables staff to quickly process secure payments across any Epic module or patient touch point. Furthermore, Patientco’s status as a Payment Facilitator (PayFac) dramatically simplifies merchant onboarding, processing and ongoing device maintenance for health systems deploying encrypted devices across hundreds of locations.

“Patientco’s integration with Epic has helped our staff assist patients more efficiently, both in-person and via phone by eliminating the need to switch between multiple tools and workflows,” said Andrea Mejia, Executive Director of Patient Financial Care at Piedmont Healthcare. “In fact, this has resulted in reduced patient call handle times, improving the patient financial experience while boosting staff productivity.”

Both solutions support automated, real-time posting with a single daily deposit and guaranteed reconciliation. Additionally, since Patientco’s solutions are PCI Level 1-compliant and the patient’s data does not pass through the health system’s Epic servers, PCI scope is reduced for the client. Patientco provides health systems with closed-loop, data-driven feedback on the entire billing and payment experience.

“Directly integrating Patientco’s easy-to-use payment tools with health systems’ existing technology lays the foundation for a better experience that all stakeholders within the organization can appreciate,” said Sean Joyce, Chief Technology Officer at Patientco. “Our solutions available through the App Orchard empower our customers with intuitive, self-service payment options for patients. Meanwhile, a single payment integration for staff eliminates the need to switch between multiple screens to accept payments and assist patients. It truly is a winning experience for everyone.”

About Patientco:

Patientco is a payment technology company founded specifically to re-think the patient payment experience in healthcare. By combining intuitive consumer payment tools and world-class payment infrastructure backed by data-led design, we create a superior billing experience and deliver more payments to Health Systems. Patientco is making healthcare better one payment at a time. To learn more, email, visit or connect on LinkedIn.

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