Medical debt is currently the single biggest cause of personal bankruptcies in America.

Despite the improvements made by the Affordable Care Act, patient debt continues to rise and every hospital has special cases where a patient has more medical bills than they could ever pay, from an unfortunate situation that is no fault of their own. They want to pay but just can’t- so they faithfully pay what they can, when they can, making every effort to make good on their debt. I bet you can picture that patient in your mind right now.

We want to help that patient.

That’s why we’re inviting you to join us on our crusade to Beat Patient Debt™, one payment at a time. For every provider who visits Patientco in booth 218 at ANI, we will donate money to the Beat Patient Debt™ fund on his or her behalf. You will have the opportunity to process the donation yourself in less than a minute using our innovative Internet Cashier.

At the end of each event, we will donate the entire fund to help that patient from one of the participating providers.

We believe that working in healthcare is a tremendous responsibility- one that means more than just creating great patient payment technology. Together, we can Beat Patient Debt, one payment at a time.

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