What’s Text-to-Pay?How-text-to-pay-works

Leading health systems trust Patientco® to offer their patients a convenient, secure contactless payment option through Text-to-Pay, which eliminates the need for shared hardware devices and ensures PCI compliance, making it an ideal solution for telehealth visits, remote working environments and COVID-19 testing sites. With Text-to-Pay, providers send a payment request via SMS text to a patient in real time. Then, the patient clicks on a secure link to make a payment directly from their smartphone.

Impact to Date

In the short few weeks since Text-to-Pay was deployed, we have seen over $2 million processed using this feature, with an approximate conversion rate of 80% across nearly 7,500 patients. We are seeing strong adoption with health systems who have been pushed to a work from home (WFH) environment, where organizations are focused on secure, compliant payment processing while supporting remote team members.


How our Clients are Using Text-to-Pay


Virginia-based Health System

To support social distancing during COVID-19, this health system is using Text-to-Pay during its new check-in process, where patients check in from their car. Patients have to call before entering the facility and with Text-to-Pay, patients can easily pay their copay or balance on their smartphone from the car, which streamlines the check-in process. Patients find the contactless payment option convenient. They appreciate that Text-to-Pay requires less interaction than traditional payment methods at point-of-service.


Iowa-based Health System

For this health system’s back-office team, Text-to-Pay made it easier to collect patient balances when following up with patients over the phone. Before Text-to-Pay, team members had to ask patients to share their credit card information aloud on the phone to process a payment. This often led to pushback from patients who were hesitant to disclose this information over the phone. However, with Text-to-Pay, patients can complete a payment on their own device, assuring greater peace of mind about the privacy and security of their payment information. As a result, back-office team members find it easier to engage patients to make a payment.

New Hampshire-based Health System

Text-to-Pay helped this health system’s back-office team accept payments while working from home during the COVID-19 pandemic. By using Text-to-Pay, team members do not have to connect and maintain hardware devices in a remote environment and manually enter a patient’s credit card information to process a payment. This ensures the back-office team never comes in contact with the patient’s card information. This reduces errors associated with manual card entry and helps maintain PCI compliance.

To learn more about Text-to-Pay, download our feature sheet.