About SCP Health

  • Headquarters: Lafayette, Louisiana
  • Locations: 400+ healthcare facilities nationwide
  • Practice Management (PM) System: athenaIDX
  • Patientco Client Since 2020

Featured Results

In the first 6 months after going live with Patientco, SCP achieved: 

  • +300% increase in payment portal adoption
  • +70% of patient payments are self-service
  • +65% decrease in average days to pay
  • 40% improvement in Net Promoter Score over the past 9 months

The Challenge:

SCP Health, a national clinical practice management company that operates in over 400 facilities across more than 30 states, is committed to the pursuit of best-in-class clinical effectiveness. With clinical offerings in Emergency Room and Hospitalist staffing, as well as telemedicine and other ambulatory services, SCP strives to provide a positive experience for patients.

Keith Cantrell

In 2019, Keith Cantrell, Chief Revenue Officer at SCP Health, chose to assess the billing and payment tools to ensure their patient financial experience matched the top-notch clinical care patients received.

“We realized that our patients did not have enough self-service communication channels, payment options, and opportunities to engage digitally.” said Keith Cantrell, Chief Revenue Officer at SCP. “Patients often had to find time during their busy day to call and speak with a team member to make a payment. We knew we had to address this to improve the patient experience and increase our own operational efficiencies.”

While SCP’s patients could make a payment online, the portal had limited functionality. Patients could not use the portal to submit messages or inquiries to SCP. The portal only allowed patients to request to make a payment or update their insurance information. Patients also could not use the portal to review or sign up for affordable payment options, such as monthly payment plans. Instead, patients had to call SCP’s team during business hours to enroll in flexible payment arrangements. As a result, patients often relied on assistance from a team member to make a payment and with more than 8 million patients in SCP’s portfolio, SCP’s revenue cycle team was strained. “We realized there was a need to leverage more technology than we had done in the past to address the challenges,” said Cantrell

The Solution:

SCP selected Patientco as the best partner to provide a modernized billing and payment experience for patients. As part of its evaluation process, SCP conducted an in-depth review of multiple patient financial engagement vendors and performed a thorough cost analysis process. Patientco stood out for its unmatched industry recognition, which includes the 2021 Best in KLAS award for patient financial engagement platforms and HFMA’s Peer Review designation.

“For other health systems considering a new patient financial engagement platform, my advice is to perform your due diligence when assessing different vendors, as SCP has done, and I believe you will end up with the same solution,” said Cantrell. “With an end-to-end solution like Patientco, SCP is well equipped to increase digital engagement with our patients, drive self-service payments, maximize our team’s productivity and address the ongoing cost pressures.”

Patientco is the only vertically integrated payment technology company in healthcare, which means health systems only need one patient payments partner and technology platform to give patients a superior financial experience. Patientco’s comprehensive platform supports tailored, digital-first billing communication; multiple self-service payment options, including customized payment plans; as well as staff-assisted payment options; real-time payment reporting; and more.

Digital-First Billing Communication

Today, SCP’s patients receive easy-to-understand, digital billing communication, delivered through their preferred channel because Patientco’s digital-first billing feature gives patients the option to receive their bills through email or text. The number of patients opting to receive their bills digitally continues to grow each month, helping SCP reduce printing and mailing costs for paper statements.

A Suite of Self-Service Payment Options

Once patients receive their bill, SCP’s patients can access convenient self-service payment options in Patientco’s online and mobile-friendly payment portal. For patients who need more affordable options, patients can sign up for monthly payment plans, eliminating the need for patients to call SCP’s team during business hours. Within the online payment portal, patients can also submit secure messages about a variety of billing topics, whether to inquire about a charge, request an itemized bill, update their insurance and more. Together, these features have helped SCP significantly reduce inbound calls from patients with questions about their bill and virtually have a 24/7 patient service operation.

Intuitive Work Queues for SCP’s Team

Patientco directly integrates with SCP’s Practice Management System, athenaIDX, giving SCP’s team a more centralized work queue for processing payments. SCP has also improved its process for posting and reconciling payments through this integration allowing for more timely and accurate payment posting and operational cost reductions.

The Results:

In less than one year after going live with Patientco, SCP has already achieved meaningful results because patients have embraced their new suite of billing and payment tools. Today, more of SCP’s patients are choosing to engage digitally. In the first six months after implementing Patientco, nearly 120,000 patients opted to receive bills electronically, through email or SMS text. Once patients receive their bill digitally, nearly 1 in 4 engage with their bill in less than a week, which eliminates the need for SCP to print and mail paper statements to these patients. After only six months of increased digital engagement, SCP reduced printing and mailing costs for statements by about 14%.

In addition to receiving bills digitally, SCP’s patients are also choosing to pay through online, self-service channels, such as the payment portal. In less than a year, SCP grew its payment portal adoption by more than 300%. Payments made through the online portal require no assistance from SCP’s team members. Patients can also make self-service payments via phone at any time through Patientco’s Interactive Voice Response (IVR) integration or by mailing in a check. Today, over 70% of SCP’s patient payments come through self-service channels.

Many patients are also choosing to set up self-service payment plans for larger balances. When patients can enroll in self-service payment plans online, they typically make higher monthly payments and pay off their balance faster. On average, SCP’s patients who signed up for a payment plan online pay 25% more per month compared to patients who enrolled in a payment plan with assistance from SCP’s team.

Since patients can receive bills digitally, interact with SCP’s team through the online payment portal and access a variety of self-service payment options, fewer patients call SCP’s team for assistance to make a payment. In fact, SCP has seen a 10% reduction in monthly patient calls. SCP has also accelerated collections because more patients receive their bills via email or text, which is faster than waiting for their paper statement to arrive in the mail. This means patients are able to pay their bill faster. Before Patientco, most patients took more than 15 days to pay their bill and today, SCP’s patients pay their bill on average within 5 days.

SCP Patientco Partnership“When we set out to modernize the billing and payment experience for our patients, our goal was to engage patients in as many ways as possible using the communication methods they preferred while helping our revenue cycle team operate more efficiently and allow our patient’s to have a positive experience paying their bill,” said Cantrell. “Through our partnership with Patientco, our patients trust that they will have an easy way to understand and manage their medical expenses each time they visit an SCP healthcare provider.”