By Patrick Creagh, Marketing SpecialistANIproject250

Visit us (and our very special guest) at ANI in booth 764 to learn how patient payment automation can take the pain out of patient payments.

Whether you’re packing your bags for HFMA’s ANI conference or following online, bringing back a better patient payment platform should be your top priority next week. Here’s why:

1. Better For Your Bottom Line, Better For Your Patients

Rarely does a new technology provide an almost instant ROI. But in this case, the whole purpose of the technology is to make your hospital more money. It just happens to make your patients happier too- what a bonus!

2. You Deserve Less Stress; Your Staff Deserves Easier Workflow

As a finance executive, you’ve got plenty of things to stress about. Collecting patient A/R shouldn’t be one of them. Why not take the pressure off your staff by putting your business office on autopilot? Then you can monitor statements, online payments, point-of-service collections, refunds, payment plans, and mailed checks from one simple dashboard.

3. There’s Never Been a Better Time

Some projects take months or years to implement; upgrading your patient payment platform can take as little as 3 weeks with a cloud-based solution and the payoff is nearly instantaneous. Patient satisfaction increases will be immediate, you will see the revenue impact in just months, and cost will fall as a result of a more efficient and effective workflow. It’s a quick win you can put in place before focusing on ICD-10 next year (oh and it’s already ICD-10 ready).

Want to know more? We’d love hear your story and help you discover how patient payment automation can make a big impact on your facility and your patients. Visit us in booth 764 or request a free demo here. This is one thing you’ll be glad didn’t stay in Vegas.