By Patrick Creagh, Marketing Specialist

Once an afterthought to CFOs, patient payments now represent a critical revenue stream for healthcare providers. We’ve written plenty on this over the past year but now we’d like to show you what you could accomplish when you have the visibility that comes with a patient payments platform that consolidates all of your patient revenue. Here are 7 things you need to know about your patient payments that Patientco includes in your monthly performance report:

Total Patient Revenue

Seems obvious, but nothing in healthcare is ever that simple. Without a consolidated platform, generating this number would require gathering the sum of revenue paid through all of your different payment methods (POS, Lockbox, Web, etc). Being able to get that single number does all of the heavy lifting for you, automatically.

Payment Mix

Do you know how your patients pay you? Knowing which methods your patients prefer to pay their bills is crucial to providing exceptional customer service. By learning the ratio of patients using self-serve methods (like online bill pay) or admin-assisted (like point of service) methods, you can get a better view of your patient population and tailor your other communications (clinical, marketing, etc.) accordingly.

When Your Patients Pay

Did you know that roughly 1/5 of Patientco patients pay their bills outside of normal business hours? That’s no small amount of revenue, and a perfect reason to have as many self-serve payment methods as your patients desire. Looking at the date and time attached to each payment allows you to staff your business office using data instead of anecdotal evidence. This will save you lots of dollars in operation costs.

Time Saved

Speaking of savings, you deserve to know how much time your business office is saving through automation of formerly manual billing processes. Patientco’s performance report allows you to see exactly how many hours you save by not manually posting payments, processing patient address changes, and taking payments over the phone (taken automatically on the phone instead).

Vendor Updates

We believe a good vendor is always improving their product and launching updates, that’s why we allow you to see our progress on developing new ways to make you and your patients even happier.

Patient Visibility

As your patient population moves online, you’ll want to know how many patients created accounts in their PatientWallet℠, and how many have elected to receive eBills, which are typically paid faster than paper ones. You can also see which accounts need the most attention before getting sent to collections.

Patient Satisfaction

A performance report shouldn’t be just numbers. Your patients want to give you valuable feedback about your billing process and we deliver those comments to you directly so you can continue to deliver an exceptional patient experience.

We believe that visibility matters not just to your patients, but to you as well. If you would like to download a sample performance report, click here.