Alan Nalle (Chief Strategy Officer, Patientco)When it comes to healthcare payment transactions, one size does not fit all.

Many view the healthcare industry’s increasing focus on retail strategy as a way for patients to shop for healthcare providers like they would shop for, say, groceries. But here’s the problem: patient payment transactions are a bit more complicated than checking out at the supermarket.

To enhance the patient financial experience and maximize payments, healthcare organizations should take a cue from online retailers and adopt a modern, personalized billing and payment approach.

Alan Nalle, our chief strategy officer, recently talked to the Healthcare Financial Management Association (HFMA) about using a “cookie” mentality to generate more patient payments. “Marketers get to know consumers through each online purchase and behavior, dropping a trail of ‘cookies’ that helps them learn more,” he said. They then leverage that consumer data to customize and improve the overall shopping experience.

Similarly, healthcare organizations can use behavior-based data and predictive modeling to gain insight from past transactions and deliver personalized financial interactions to each patient, which could increase operating margins by 50 basis points or more.

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