By Patrick Creagh, Marketing SpecialistsimpleToon250

Information Week recently pointed out that healthcare executives, amidst the transitions underway, face a daunting challenge of providing a quality, scalable patient experience for Boomers, Millennials, and everyone in between. In terms of patient billing, is it possible to have a solution that appeals to all generations of patients no matter what their age?

The answer is yes. As hospital revenue becomes more and more tied to HCAHPS scores, patient volume, retention, and other consumer satisfaction metrics, providers need IT solutions that add value to each demographic’s patient experience.  While segments of patients may differ in age, expectations, and digital skills, the solution to satisfying all of these groups can be boiled down to one word: simplicity.

Simplicity Helps Boomers Understand

Since the digital era is coming to healthcare via government mandates and consumer demands, providers should put extra thought into easing pre-millennial patients into the world of electronic health records, patient portals, and telemedicine. While these technologies have the potential to benefit this segment of patients possibly more than any other, boomers largely lack the immediate digital competency that younger patients have gleaned from growing up in an Internet world. Simplifying your billing process, through clear statements and flexible methods of payment, will allow a patient to understand their obligation and mail a check or pay by phone if he or she is uncomfortable with an internet portal.

Simplicity Gives Millennials the Convenience They Crave

On the other end of the spectrum, Millennials not only understand digital payment solutions, they demand them.  8 out of every 10 consumers pay non-healthcare bills online and an even more make frequent online purchases using sites like and Ticketmaster. Your hospital cannot afford the complications associated with mailing a statement requiring check payment to a consumer who receives virtually all correspondence by email and may not even own a checkbook. Once again, simplicity and flexibility hold the key to quick and efficient settlement of the patient’s balance.

Simplicity Isn’t Just For Patients

It’s not just your patients who want the billing process simplified; your billing office team is just as important. In fact, a patient may have to pay a medical bill periodically, but your billing staff must interact with your solution every time they come to work. A user-friendly interface has the potential to not only improve workflow, but overall morale in your billing office.

At Patientco, we work hard behind the scenes to make our solution simple for patients and providers alike. If bills are easy to pay, then they are easy to collect, and with our UX-optimized platform, they’re easy to organize. It’s that simple.