By Patrick Creagh, Marketing Specialist


The mHealth Summit wrapped up yesterday, and everyone can agree that a new wave of technology is on the horizon.  The trends of quantified self, mobile monitoring, and mobile provider tools offer a glimpse of a more efficient, patient-centered, healthcare system and more importantly, one that improves the overall health of our population. 

That said, before we embrace mobile, we must facilitate patient understanding.

Allow me to explain.  Healthcare is complicated, whether we are referring to diseases, treatment, prevention, or the business of running the healthcare system.  Hospitals are just now switching from paper to digital medical records and the delays in the CMS Meaningful Use deadlines indicate this is no small task. Healthcare also creates unique barriers to mobile, most notably security and HIPAA compliance.

When it comes to making payments via mobile, another important barrier is patient understanding. Patients will need to better understand what they are paying for before the convenience of mobile will matter. It doesn’t matter how simple it is to make a payment if a patient doesn’t understand the charges.

At Patientco, we want to first help patients understand their charges by translating billing codes into easy-to-understand language and presenting their charges in a clear, concise manner on a dynamic color statement that breaks the healthcare norm of plain, confusing statements that don’t communicate effectively.

Then and only then we give patients the convenience of paying by their preferred method of payment, even logging on from their mobile device. We believe that this prioritization of understanding will make a significant difference in patient adoption and pave the way to a simple, effective mobile future where you can access health information, consult doctors, and make payments all from your mobile device.

It’s a big challenge, but that future may be closer than you think.