By Josh Byrd, Director of Marketing

As you no doubt heard, the notorious Heartbleed Bug, a security vulnerability in the widely used OpenSSL library, was exposed last Monday night. Since up to two thirds of the internet uses OpenSSL, the announcement was met by a host of software engineers around the globe working feverishly to get the bug patched to keep their users security safe.

Moments like this one show you what a company is really made of; and I’m proud to say that Patientco is made of some of the best and brightest minds around. The engineering team members here are the unsung heroes of all we do at Patientco, from the deceptive simplicity of our software to the extreme stability and security of our platform, and their response to the Heartbleed Bug was no different.

One of our team members learned of the Heartbleed Bug shorty after the news broke, he then quickly elevated it’s priority and it was all hands on deck. The team worked diligently and efficiently to deploy Fixed OpenSSL, patch all of the Patientco servers affected, and proactively mitigate any possible security threat to our users.

By Tuesday morning, within hours of the exposure of the Heartbleed Bug, Patientco was as secure as ever. This success speaks as much to our culture here as it does to the brilliance of our engineers. We take our responsibility to our users VERY seriously and will do whatever it takes to serve them with the utmost care. Even our patients noticed our proactive response and thanked us for our vigilance.

…that’s what it’s all about for us, getting it right for our users.

You can rest assured that we have successfully squelched any risk that the Heartbleed Bug posed to our users, but we strongly recommend you change your passwords for all internet sites as soon as possible, including Patientco, just to be safe.