Patientco, small changes make BIG results in HealthcareBy Josh Byrd, Director of Marketing

Today the Harvard Business Review published a very insightful article titled How “Micro-Moves” Can Drive Major Health-Care Change. In short, the article made the point that you don’t have to make wide-sweeping epic changes that take loads of time and resources to drive positive change in your organization.

This got me thinking about the providers that we work with every day and why their organizations are thriving in such uncertain times. Now, I would love to tell you that their success is a direct result of Patientco, but it’s not. While we are an important part of their solution, the reason they succeed is far bigger than just us.

The reason they are successful is actually quite simple: They do not fear change.

Providers who will succeed in these challenging times embrace that while they cannot control the change that is happening in Healthcare, they can control how they and their organization respond to such change. They are the ones who realize that “the way it has always been done” isn’t working anymore and choose to think differently about how things could be done. They seek out new ideas, tools, and processes to improve their organization and like the provider in the HBR article, they often find that the best solutions are not the mammoth, scary, resource-heavy changes that you might think but instead, the small changes of mindset that lead to big results.

So where do you find yourself? Are you stuck on “the way it’s always been done” or are you brave enough to take an open-minded look at your organization and be bold enough to make small changes that lead to big results?