ATLANTA – February 1, 2012 – SecureHealthPay announces that it has changed its name to Patientco. After more than two years of significant growth and reaching the milestone of providing one million patients with a simple way to manage their healthcare expenses, the company has realigned its identity to reflect its primary focus: patients.

Out-of-pocket medical expenditures amount to $290 billion per year in the United States and growing. Studies have shown that providers collect just 10 percent of this revenue, because patients don’t understand their statements and they aren’t given convenient ways to pay. Patientco solves this problem by providing simplified healthcare statements that clearly show patients what they owe while also offering several convenient ways to pay using Patientco’s PatientWallet™.”This company was founded because we knew that we could provide patients with an easier and straightforward way to pay their healthcare bills,” said Bird Blitch, CEO for Patientco. “We’ve grown and expanded by identifying and creating solutions to make it easy for patients to understand their healthcare statements. Our PatientWallet™ empowers patients to manage their payments in the way that works for them.”Patientco healthcare statements are straightforward and easy to read and eliminate any confusion patients may have about what they are responsible for and the portion that insurance will cover. By simplifying the statement and offering multiple ways to pay, Patientco increases a patient’s inclination to make a payment on time and in full.

About Patientco

Patientco empowers patients to take control of their healthcare expenses by providing a simple and convenient way to manage and pay expenses from one secure location. Through Patientco, patients are able to track, manage, understand and pay all of their family’s healthcare expenses. In turn, healthcare providers are able to better manage cash flow and revenue for their practices and ultimately better serve their patients. For more information visit,