Patientco’s primary focus is to ensure that patients and revenue cycle teams have an exceptional experience with your health system. We aim to protect the financial health of both your organization and your patient population now and post-pandemic. Our last blog was focused on engaging and collecting from patients in a socially distant world. This blog will highlight how Patientco empowers your RCM team members during times like these.  

Here are several ways Patientco can help hospitals and their teams overcome the current and anticipated challenges of coronavirus.

3 Ways Patientco Empowers RCM Teams to Support Revenue Cycle Health Through Coronavirus

1. Scalable Communications to Create Efficiencies within Your Team

Patientco streamlines communications and notifications to make it easier for patients to self-service their questions and concerns instead of having to call their healthcare provider. One way we do this is by working with our clients to link relevant documentation, important websites, and other resources in their PatientWallet™ notifications. For example, health systems can include a link to a rescheduling tool or COVID-19 resources. This helps reduce call volumes from patients with questions regarding their health or scheduled care. 

Patients can also use the messaging feature in their PatientWallet™ to attach documentation that would usually be sent via mail. This could include bankruptcy notices, financial aid or charity care applications. Our goal is to support more scalable patient communication, which will be crucial for RCM teams in the coming weeks. Helping your team be more efficient now while ensuring a positive patient experience will support your revenue cycle health in the future.

2. Holding COVID-19 Bills

With Patientco, health systems have the ability to hold bills with the COVID-19 CPT code. Many health plans are fully covering the patient cost of COVID-19 testing and treatment, which is helpful during these uncertain times. However, this can complicate the billing process, adding stress on your team to make sure no COVID-19 patients are billed. Complexities in the billing process can challenge your organization’s revenue cycle health. That’s why we’re giving health systems an automated way to easily manage bill holds. As a result, health systems can ensure a more compassionate billing experience for patients who have been directly impacted by the virus.

3. Digital Mailroom to Automate Manual Workflows

Many health systems are anticipating an influx in mailed correspondence with patients sending in bankruptcy or financial aid paperwork. Sorting and posting these items to the HIS is typically time- and resource-intensive, which can negatively impact your organization’s revenue cycle resource utilization. Accomplishing these tasks also requires your team members to be physically present in your offices and workspaces. However, Patientco’s Digital Mailroom takes a different approach. Digital Mailroom automates posting for mailed correspondence, as well as mailed checks, returned mail and address changes. This means team members can shift their focus to other higher-value tasks, promoting improved revenue cycle health.   

You can protect your revenue cycle during and after coronavirus.

If you’re an existing Patientco client and are interested in any of these features, please contact your Customer Success Manager. If your organization is interested in hearing patient communication best practices or learning about revenue cycle digital engagement tools, let us know at – we’d love to hear from you.