By Patientco Marketing

Patientco, in partnership with Watsi, funded treatment for 6 patients following a successful promotion at HFMA’s 2016 ANI conference. The promotion, which included donating every time an attendee visited Patientco’s exhibit booth, continues a Patientco tradition of funding life-saving treatment for patients in need.

“We are thrilled to work with the Watsi team on this initiative to help use our time at HFMA ANI to give back,” said Josh Byrd, Director of Marketing at Patientco, “we look forward to seeing how these patients’ lives are changed through the treatment they receive. Watsi is fantastic organization and we look forward to finding new and creative ways to work with them in the future.”

Watsi is one of the fastest-growing non-profit organizations in the country, with one hundred percent of donations going directly to patient treatment costs. To learn more about the patients we funded, click on their pictures below. Thank you for your support!

     Abigail from Kenya                                 Alinaitwe from Uganda

Francis from Kenya                                 Jose from Guatemala


Kenneth from Guatemala                          Kyi Soe from Thailand    


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