Patientco has achieved HFMA Peer Review designation.

How does your HFMA Peer Review status impact me?

Your vendor due diligence just got a helping hand. 

HFMA’s Peer Review program gives healthcare financial executives an objective, third-party evaluation of business solutions used by health systems. This makes it easier for busy professionals, like you, to vet potential partners for your organization. HFMA’s Peer Review program assessed our patient billing and payment platform for overall effectiveness, quality, and value. Trust us when we say that this assessment was thorough – it’s an 11-step process!

This included a Peer Review panel review composed of current Patientco clients. It also involved a review panel of prospects who have not made a purchase and industry experts. When HFMA surveyed our clients and prospects, more than 90% strongly agreed that they would recommend Patientco to others. Responses like this demonstrate Patientco’s ability to provide better financial care to patients while simplifying the payment process for health systems.

“While we can always tell the market about Patientco’s value, it means so much more coming from the health systems actually using our software. Health systems seeking a solution to manage patient payments and improve patient financial care need proven technology with a dedicated partner. Achieving this designation is a testament to the value Patientco delivers for our health system clients and their patients.”

– Bird Blitch, CEO of Patientco

Patient payment challenges? Choose technology that’s proven.

Whether your health system needs to improve the patient financial experience or empower your revenue cycle management team with better technology, Patientco can help. Since our platform is now backed by the HFMA Peer Review designation, you can rest assured that Patientco will make a positive impact for your organization.

In addition to our HFMA Peer Review status, check out some recent quotes from happy patients and revenue cycle team members who have used our billing and payments platform. 

“Patientco makes the payment process easy, quick and is very user friendly.”

– Happy RCM Team Member

“It is so much easier to take payments regardless of cash, check or credit card.  This has streamlined our registration process. Thanks.”

– Happy RCM Team Member

“I appreciated being able to pay this bill online in a ‘green’ way.”

Happy Patient

“Bill payment and account setup is very easy. Online billing will also help me track insurance payments from care received last summer and fall, as bills process through all insurance carriers. Thank you!”

– Happy Patient