by Bird Blitch, CEO, Patientco

GreenwayLogoToday we announced a new partnership between Patientco and Greenway Medical Technologies that I am very excited about. This partnership supports our core mission of serving the healthcare market through simplification. Read the announcement here.

Anytime things can be simplified, everyone wins.  We see this all around us in everything we do.  How about picking up small groceries while filling up a tank of gas?  Suddenly, the “Convenience Store” was born. Or, a very easy example, is combining a Walkman (music) and a cellphone (voice)…into the iPhone. On the billing front, it wasn’t too long ago when the new AT&T was re-born, which is a combination of your local telecom company, your long distance company, your cellular company and your internet service provider.  Voila…one bill for everything.

A similar innovation is taking place in healthcare, and this time it’s around one powerful idea: having all the patient financial records available in a single place online.  Why do Patients exist in two or three different databases that don’t talk to one another?  Why can’t there be one login that tracks the same patient everywhere across your Hospital and Physicians? The industry is wrapped up in transitioning to a single electronic health record for the patient, but that is based only on clinical outcomes.  What about one record for financial outcomes?  Without it, how do patients keep up with the cost of their healthcare?  How do providers keep up with the total A/R of their patients?

This announcement between Patientco and Greenway is about paving the way to a simplified, automated, centralized billing experience for providers and patients alike. For the first time, healthcare providers will be able to easily provide visibility to patients’ financial records across the IDN, offer patients a single statement showing consolidated charges from all Physicians within the IDN, give patients an easy way to pay using the method of their choice, and automate back office processes including autoposting of payments. For this reason, I am so excited to be partnering with an innovative company like Greenway. Look for great things to come!