by Bird Blitch, CEO Patientco

We are excited to announce a new partnership, and it is big news for several reasons:

  1. Streamline is a HealthIT company that is well thought of in the industry. If you are passionate about taking care of your customers, you want to be partnering with companies who are passionate about taking care of theirs. Check the box there because those are big priorities for both companies. We want our customers to love us for the value we provide.
  2. Using data to drive better decisions is what this partnership is all about. Streamline’s customers really want this data and depend on it everyday to make their Hospitals more informed.
  3. Here’s the newsflash that Streamline understands: the way healthcare is being paid for is changing. It’s in the middle of a significant shift away from employers and over to consumers. Patientco is the only platform that is solely focused on patient payments and preferences. As a result, there is a lot of exciting data we share with our Customers about how to manage through this “shift” away from Insurance and towards Self Pay. And we use this data to allow Hospitals to proactively engage patients to understand those financial obligations in a consumer friendly way.
  4. Boom. Put these two solutions together, and you can really impact Net Revenue in a meaningful way. This, of course, is the future — using all sorts of data to help make better and faster decisions — and we are excited to be working with Streamline is this effort around the patient financial side.

What other innovative ideas do you see in the marketplace that give you greater visibility into your patients and their preferences?

Patientco and Streamline Announce Partnership