A Better Patient Payment Strategy:Healthcare Revenue Cycle

What’s your patient payment strategy? When it comes to improving patient revenue, has your organization been measuring the wrong thing?

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Back when 95% of hospital net revenue came from payers, it made sense to ‘play it safe’ with patient payments by reducing the cost to collect as much as possible. But according to many of our clients, patient out-of-pocket now represents 16% or more of their revenue dollars—and counting. In this new healthcare landscape, ‘playing it safe’ with patient liability might actually pose the greatest financial risk of all.

Transforming Patient Liability:

By shifting from a cost-reduction focus to one that maximizes patient payment volume and patient satisfaction, health systems have an unprecedented opportunity to transform patient liability into a growth engine.

In our latest white paper, Patientco explores what it means to be a ‘play-to-win’ provider. Leading providers expand financial access, offer payment options tailored to each patient’s needs, and formulate crucial KPIs for continued improvement.

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