Patientco is gearing up for its virtual Patient Experience Conference, where we’ll pave the way to a better patient journey! Join us on Thursday, May 16 from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. ET to hear insight from three industry experts so your Health System can ensure a top-notch patient experience. Registration is free and the recorded sessions will be available to all registered participants following the event.

The speakers in our virtual conference sessions will leverage their healthcare expertise to discuss key issues that impact patient satisfaction. Today’s blog post will be a sneak peek at the agenda!

patient-experience-conferenceSession 1 – A Lens to Cure Myopia in Healthcare

To kick-off the event, we have Drew Boston, currently the owner of Moxi, a technology and consulting agency and former digital health consultant for Accenture. Drew will speak on the future of healthcare and what a superior patient experience looks like in 2019. Most healthcare organizations understand that when today’s consumers engage with a business, they expect experiences that are satisfying, engaging and memorable. The healthcare industry is no different. Therefore, Drew will explore ways Health Systems can close that expectations gap and provide an experience that’s aligned with what patients want. This will require the healthcare industry to proactively focus on the future, instead of taking a reactive approach to market conditions. Drew will explain how Health Systems can achieve this.

patient-experience-conferenceSession 2 – Patient Expectations for Security

For the second session of the virtual conference, we have Donna Grindle, who hosts the Help Me With HIPAA podcast. With more than 30 years of experience in privacy and security, Donna will outline what patients expect from providers for securing their personal information. She will explain how failures to secure patient information can impact a patient’s view of their Health System. Meanwhile, today’s patients are more informed about their privacy rights than ever before. As news breaks about the latest healthcare breaches, patients are paying attention. In her session, Donna will discuss how a patient’s expectation for their provider to protect their privacy with vigilance is a crucial element of overall patient care.

Patient-experience-conferenceSession 3 – Engaging with Our Patients in a Digital Age

The third session of our Patient Experience Conference will be led by Geoffrey Hills. Geoffrey is a senior manager at Accenture, focused on digital transformation and growth strategies for healthcare organizations. He began his career at Epic, working with some of the nation’s largest Health Systems. Geoffrey understands that healthcare organizations have invested a lot into their EHR systems. However, simply digitizing patient records is not enough to compete in today’s healthcare economy. So, how do we respond as healthcare providers, health insurance companies, and the broader health ecosystem? 

To answer that question, Geoffrey will explain how this evolving landscape requires establishing a culture of innovation. This culture of innovation will draw upon all parts of the healthcare business – better buildings, better apps, better bill payment collection, and better digitized care models. Tune in to hear Geoffrey speak on the topic and learn what leading organizations are doing in the digital space.

Stay Tuned for an Exciting Product Announcement

After Geoffrey’s session, we’ll have Shirley Leong, Patientco’s Director of Product, wrap up our Patient Experience Conference with an exciting product announcement. We recognize that keeping up with ever-evolving consumer expectations can be difficult, especially for the healthcare industry. The purpose of our virtual conference is to help you address those challenges. Between the rapid-fire sessions with our renowned speakers and an update on the latest technology from Patientco, attendees will leave with actionable insight to ensure their Health System delivers a superior patient experience.