When it comes to the medical billing process, many Health Systems focus on creating a better experience for patients. This is important because patients are responsible for more of their healthcare costs than ever before.

However, it’s also worthwhile to improve employee engagement during the medical billing process.

The Link Between Employee Engagement & Profit Margins

A recent article in Harvard Business Review proves it. The piece analyzes research from Press Ganey, a company known for developing and distributing patient satisfaction surveys. Their research shows that when the patient experience or employee engagement improves, Health Systems see higher HCAHPS ratings. The result compounds when Health Systems improve both the patient experience and employee engagement. Each five-point increase in HCAHPS “rate the hospital” score is associated with a one percent increase in net profit margin. Therefore, better employee engagement can be a driving force for positive change.

At Patientco, we believe patients and Health Systems, including their staff, deserve better than the status quo. No one should settle for a painful medical billing experience.

Win the Medical Billing Process Game

To improve employee engagement during the medical billing process, use gamification. Gamification is when you apply elements of game playing to non-game concepts, like collecting patient payments. Point scoring and an element of competition can encourage engagement with the tools and workflows used during the medical billing process.

Patientco provides real-time, gamified reporting for Health System staff. As a result, staff can easily view and track progress toward their goals. Using revenue cycle management tools with an intuitive UX that actively prioritize goals and track staff achievements, Health Systems simplify performance management. This makes it easier to identify and execute on opportunities for additional training and incentive programs. These functionalities boost employee engagement throughout the medical billing process, whether at POS or in the back-office.

Help Staff Help Patients

Another way to drive employee engagement during the medical billing process involves helping staff tailor the payment experience for patients. Make sure your Health System empowers staff to provide each patient with relevant payment options that fit within their budget and meet your organization’s objectives. This requires dynamic business rules that consider factors like bill balance amount. These rules establish the parameters for flexible payment options. As a result, staff offer each patient a payment option that is tailored to their unique financial needs, without sacrificing or delaying dollars for the Health System. 

Gamified reporting and business rules for tailored payment options are just a couple of ways your Health System can drive employee engagement. Engaged employees can more effectively influence patient payment rates and provide better customer service for a superior patient experience. We all know that satisfied patients are more likely to choose your Health System when they need care in the future. Healthcare organizations must start prioritizing employee engagement, alongside the patient experience, when improving their medical billing processes.

Like Press Ganey’s research revealed, these elements are directly tied to profit margins. You would never ignore your Health System’s profit margins, so don’t ignore the impact of highly engaged employees!