The “Made in America” label  – synonymous with quality and often commanding a premium – has been the gold standard in modern history, but with technology shrinking the world and a global economy, does it still matter?

As with anything, the answer is – it depends. It depends both on the product in question and the preference of the buyer. For cars, some may prefer the German engineering of a BMW i8 Roadster, while others may dream of burning up the road in a Chevy Corvette. With electronics, the best are usually made overseas. As for apparel, both high and low quality can be manufactured just about anywhere on the globe.

But What About IT?

For the purposes of this blog, I’m talking about healthcare IT. Does “Made in America” matter for healthcare IT solutions? ‘Offshore’ software development and customer service are widely available. So, what is the value of having your IT solution designed and built by American developers who are actually users of the U.S. health system? What is the value of your patients and staff being able to call a friendly voice in Atlanta, GA to get assistance with a payment or an answer to a quick question?

At Patientco, we believe it’s everything. We are all patients, and by improving the patient financial experience, we are improving our own experience and that of our family, friends, and neighbors. By building solutions to improve health systems, we are improving our community. To us it’s personal.

“Made in America” still matters to us. It’s at the core of who Patientco is, a team focused on delivering solutions to make healthcare better, one payment at a time.