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Our previous blog post touched on the importance of user-centered design and the need to survey users or potential users to create the best possible product. Here at Patientco, we take several different approaches to evaluating our product and service. The Patientco platform is a reflection of dozens of hours of patient interviews, constant industry research, our Customer Advisory Board, and thousands of user comments.

Recently, we surveyed a group of providers to learn about their priorities and challenges when it comes to patient billing. From the responses we learned that patient satisfaction and business office efficiency are currently the biggest challenges facing providers. Respondents expressed the most interest in learning more about “staff motivation” and “patient financial experience”.

Providers Want to Improve Patient Satisfaction and the Patient Financial Experience

Unsurprisingly, providers are prioritizing improvements to the patient financial experience. Given the industry’s turn to patient-friendly billing options and with impending population health initiatives on the horizon, investing in patient experience makes sense.

With the ICD-10 go-live date now behind us, revenue cycle leaders have more time to focus on patient-facing improvements to the billing process. These improvements will hopefully come to both the billing process and its supporting technology.

Providers are Interested in Learning More About Staff Efficiency and Automation Tools

According to the survey results, the other area of focus for providers this year is running the business office more efficiently. The interest in learning about staff motivation likely reflects the evolving roles of those in the business office. With the need to collect more patient revenue, providers are turning to resources to help staff be proactive about seeking a payment at patient access, a task that may be challenging for some staff members.

Once payment is collected, the amount of time and work it takes to reconcile, deposit, and post it back to the patient’s account has financial implications for the business office. Patientco’s core solution enables these actions to be automated.

Looking Ahead

Patientco’s mission is to ease the transition to increased patient financial responsibility for providers and patients alike.  We’ll use the responses gathered here to become even more focused with our product development and thought leadership projects.

To learn more about leveraging Patientco for efficiency gains and increases in patient satisfaction, check out this case study.