By Patientco Marketing

Can 2 full time employees out-perform a 10 person external business office staff? They can when they have the right technology. On 8/25, we’ll be hosting a webinar with Debby Froebel of Capital Region Medical Center where we’ll talk about the people, process, and technology behind their transition to in house patient payments as well as their results.

Capital Region Medical Center needed a way to reduce costs without eliminating their full time staff, so revenue cycle director Debby Froebel partnered with Patientco to bring patient payments in house, saving hundreds of thousands of dollars per year on an external business office. Patient revenue has since risen 17% and her staff interacts directly with patients, increasing satisfaction and loyalty.

You will learn:

How Patientco integrates with Meditech for fully automated processing, consolidation, and posting 

Why consumer-friendly patient payment methods matter when it comes to patient revenue 

The advantages of having the visibility and control over in house patient payments 

Register for the webinar here. Even if you can’t attend live, you will receive a copy of the slides. Until then, you can download the Capital Region Medical Center case study or watch Debby’s testimonial video below.