By Patrick Creagh, Marketing Specialist 

We often talk about the importance of giving patients a consumer-friendly payment experience, and that includes offering online payment options. But simply offering patients the opportunity to pay online won’t maximize self-serve patient revenue; you must ensure patients can quickly and conveniently access the bill payment portal on your website.

According to Google Analytics, the average service-industry website has a 10%-40% bounce rate- that is, up to 4 out of 10 visitors exit the page immediately without taking any further action. This is usually due to slow loading speeds or subpar navigation.

Unfortunately, many hospital websites are difficult for patients to navigate, especially patients who are searching for the sometimes-elusive “Pay My Bill” button.

I recently paid a bill for a provider who offered online payment options, but when I went to the website to make the payment, I had to click through several pages to find the link to the payment portal. Talk about frustrating!

You should have a link to “Pay My Bill” on your website’s homepage. Even if you choose to include it on a page dedicated to billing and financial information, you should still make sure patients have an option to pay their bill when they first visit your website. Not every patient has the patience to search through several pages to seek out your patient portal. When patients give up, providers risk losing that revenue.

One example we like is Grinnell Regional Medical Center. As you can see in the screenshot, the “Pay My Bill” button (in this case “Pay Your Bill Online” button) is clearly visible on the top half of the homepage.



At Patientco, we encourage our providers to send their patients directly to PatientWallet but we also provide them with messaging and buttons for their website to make it easy for patients to pay their bills online. As a result, they see increased patient revenue and happier patients.

Visit your home page as if you are first-time patient trying to pay their bill…you just might find a revenue-generating opportunity.