In about two weeks, the Patientco team will head down to Orlando for the 2019 HFMA Annual Conference. We couldn’t be more excited! Getting out in the field at an event like this is a great way to learn more about how Patientco can help improve healthcare. We’ll be at booth #287, so stop by and share your perspectives with us. After all, the winds of change are blowing and it’s time for healthcare leaders to adapt!

Turning Headwinds into Tailwinds at HFMA Annual Conference

Speaking of the winds of change, Marcus Whitney, co-founder and CEO of Health:Further and Michael Allen, HFMA’s current chair, will kick off Tuesday’s activities. Our team is looking forward to this session. There are challenges that the healthcare industry is facing, but Marcus and Michael will explain how leaders can transform these headwinds into tailwinds. In fact, Michael has dared leaders to start making a difference, starting at the HFMA Annual Conference. He believes it’s critical for anyone who wants to make a difference in today’s healthcare industry to find something uncomfortable and start addressing it now. It is time to not only identify ways to resolve issues, like the affordability crisis in healthcare, but also to find ways to act on it.

This is exactly what Patientco has done for patient payments. Our co-founder and CEO, Bird Blitch recognized the problems patients face when paying for medical bills. Bird took action to fix those problems, founding Patientco.

During HFMA Annual Conference, Patientco will share how our solution makes a difference for patients and Health System staff. We understand what patients want when it comes to the healthcare billing and payment experience. We also understand what Health System staff need to drive positive business outcomes for their organization. However, many of the existing tools that Health Systems have in place are not fit to address these needs. To add to the challenges, Health Systems, staff and patients each have distinct needs at pre-service, POS and post-service. This means each phase requires a distinct approach to create a better patient financial experience with meaningful results for the Health System.

Powering Better Experiences for Patients & Health System Staff

Stop by booth #287 at HFMA Annual Conference to learn how your Health System can exceed consumer expectations with a better payment experience. No matter which HIS your Health System uses, Patientco can help you drive digital engagement and generate more patient dollars. This starts by building trust with patients and simplified, personalized communications can help achieve this. From there, tailored, self-service payment options make it easy for patients to act on the communication they receive.

This strategy can be deployed from pre- to post-service, but each will require unique technology features. For instance, at pre-service, integrate payment options with your Health System’s estimator tool. This helps your staff collect more payments upfront while patients gain personalized information about their costs and payment options earlier. Look at post-service, too. Provide patients with tailored payment options, like payment plans that they can enroll in themselves. This creates a better experience for patients while reducing burden on staff, as they no longer have to call patients to drive enrollment.

Patientco powers better experiences for patients and staff so Health Systems see meaningful results. If this is something your organization wants to pursue, see us at the HFMA Annual Conference! We’ll have Patientco’s payment specialists on site, so schedule your consultation today.