At Patientco, nothing makes us happier than seeing our clients succeed and Piedmont Healthcare is one of those clients. By partnering with Patientco, along with other efforts, Piedmont has generated more than $7 million in payment lift after one year. In today’s blog, we’ll explain how they accomplished that and how Patientco’s Epic integration supported this achievement.

The Goal: Simplify Patient Financial Care & Increase Payments by $10MM

Let’s start with a bit of background. Piedmont embarked on this initiative to simplify patient financial care and sought to increase patient collections by $10 million in three years. This meant the Health System had to address concerns about their confusing billing statements. Patients wanted statements that were easier to understand. They also wanted more affordable, self-service payment options, like payment plans.

Meanwhile, Piedmont’s team was not satisfied with the Health System’s previous legacy payment tools, so in addition to improving the patient experience Piedmont needed to address the needs of its staff. The prior payments solutions had limited Epic integration capabilities. This meant that Piedmont’s team had to switch between different screens and manage complex workflows to accept and manage payments. In fact, because of the challenges with processing payments, the team was not requesting payments from patients on a consistent basis.

Why’d Piedmont Choose Patientco?

To address these challenges and meet their objective of increasing patient collections by $10 million, Piedmont considered several options. They looked at using enhancements through their Epic HIS and evaluated multiple third-party vendors as well. In the end, Piedmont needed a solution that would support both paper and digital financial communications to clearly direct patients to relevant payment options, including affordable, self-service options. These communications would be optimized to patients’ preferences, as well as easy to read, navigate and understand from any device. They also needed a payments solution with a direct Epic integration. Piedmont found all of that in Patientco.

Within the first year, Piedmont collected $4.5 million at the point-of-service. Combined with other efforts, the Health System was able to generate more than $7 million in payment lift. Patientco played a key role in supporting this with its patient-friendly communication and payments tools, along with its Epic integrations.

Additionally, Patientco helped Piedmont increase digital engagement. Now, more than 100,000 patients have signed up to receive emails or texts from Piedmont for their financial communications. For patients who need flexible payment plan options, Piedmont now supports digital self-service enrollment with Patientco. As a result, Piedmont’s staff no longer rely on time- and resource-intensive approaches to payment plan enrollment, like calling patients directly.

How Patientco’s Epic Integration Helped Piedmont Achieve Their Goalepic-integration

By leveraging Patientco’s Epic integration, the Health System was able to reduce the need to manually input credit card and account numbers into multiple systems and increased its point-of-service payments by 30%. Piedmont’s staff is more productive as a result. Payments are also posted and reconciled in real time, thanks to Patientco. Andrea Mejia, Executive Director of Patient Financial Care at Piedmont Healthcare has witnessed the value Patientco’s Epic integration offers.

“Patientco’s Epic integration has helped our staff assist patients more efficiently, both in-person and via phone by eliminating the need to switch between multiple tools and workflows. In fact, this has resulted in reduced patient call handle times, improving the patient financial experience while boosting staff productivity,” said Mejia.

At Patientco, we enable Health Systems to get more from their HIS investment with our billing and payment tools. I’d say we accomplished that with Piedmont!

To learn more about how we helped Piedmont, download the full case study.