By Patrick Creagh, Marketing Specialisttaxes250

For all the hype surrounding April 15, filing my tax return for the first time was shockingly easy.

A few months ago I wrote about the difficulty of paying my first medical bill, an adventure that concluded with narrowly avoiding collections via some excruciatingly outdated payment procedures.  Now I was about to do business with the US government, an entity not exactly renowned for incredible user experience or customer service.

Fresh off a recent trip to the DMV, I was prepared for the worst.

Armed with my W-2 and the heart of a lion, I logged onto the widely used cloud-based tax software recommended by my parents. Almost instantly, my concerns evaporated.

Before I continue, this is a good time to observe how tax software companies compete for your business. Tax companies know exactly what you want: convenience, simplicity, and maximum refund. And their products are carefully designed to deliver exactly that.

Throughout the 15-minute process, the top left corner of my screen displayed my projected refund in big green numbers. There was no cluttered text on my screen, the return was broken down into digestible segments, my information pre-populating the boxes whenever possible.  The software even seemed to anticipate my questions as a first time tax filer, constantly assuring me that a particular blank box on my W-2 was completely normal, for example.  Customer service was a chat box or phone call away, but I never needed it because it was so easy.

Within a half-hour, I had successfully filed my federal and state taxes and claimed my refund. I even left a complimentary comment in the feedback box, something I almost never do.

Many of you may remember how frustrating doing your taxes was before the Internet simplified it, so why is medical billing still stuck in the past? You and your patients deserve a process that has everyone’s best interest in mind: paying your bill (or getting paid) quickly and conveniently.

That’s Patientco’s value proposition in a nutshell- and believe it or not, we get those positive comments in the feedback box all the time.  Each one inspires our product team to continuously improve our statements, our web portal, our 24/7 phone service, and our provider tools to deliver the best patient payment experience possible for patients and providers.  We know what you want, so that’s what we give you. It’s that simple.