By Josh Byrd, Director of Marketingsolutionblog

If you’ve spent time with anyone from Patientco, you probably know we place incredibly high value on partnering with our clients to provide exceptional solutions. A large part of that partnership is regular two-way communication between our Customer Experience Team and our clients. This includes performance reporting, product updates, best practice discussion, optimization strategies, and more.

One of the most valuable parts of this communication, however, is client feedback on our product and even broad company direction for the future. We want to make sure we are perfectly in tune to the needs of our clients and the patients they serve. Only when we are tuned in can we build and provide superior patient payment solutions.

Last week, we took that commitment to a whole new level by hosting a group of our current clients at our Atlanta headquarters for two days of intense feedback sessions (and a little bit of fun thrown in for good measure!)

We discussed the state of the industry, the challenges and opportunities that those challenges present, and how Patientco can align with them to add value in this rapidly changing industry. There was so much good feedback that we are still wading through our notes!

One thing is for sure, our clients confirmed that we are on the right track to providing technology that is setting the new standard for patient payment solutions. With their feedback, we plan on keeping it that way and building solutions that directly address the challenges of higher patient responsibility in a simple, effective, and consumer-centric way.