ClearBalance patient financingWe’re proud to announce that Patientco has partnered with ClearBalance! This expands the patient payment options offered through our SmartFinance™ platform. Adding ClearBalance enhances our ability to offer consumer-friendly patient financing that fits the distinct needs of Health Systems and their patients.

Through this partnership, Health Systems using Patientco’s SmartFinance platform can select from an expansive suite of financing products that accommodate both their patients’ needs and their business objectives. As a result, Health Systems can offer tailored financial solutions to accelerate cash and increase net collections. Above all, this improves patient satisfaction. 

Widespread Need for Consumer-Friendly Patient Financing

More consumers expect and need long-term payment options from their healthcare provider. In fact, ClearBalance’s fourth annual Healthcare Consumerism study reveals that 60 percent of respondents set aside less than $1,000 for unexpected medical expenses. This illustrates the value of more flexible, consumer-friendly patient financing options, which ClearBalance provides, powered by the Patientco SmartFinance platform.

If you’re not familiar with our SmartFinance platform, it supports:

  •  Integrated statement, text and eBill offers to drive adoption;
  •  Pre-populated Enrollment Fields to streamline self-service enrollment; and
  •  Targeted messaging based on bill balance.

By taking advantage of the ClearBalance zero-interest financing program through Patientco’s platform, patients can manage and pay their healthcare bills in a way that fits their budget. Meanwhile, Health Systems improve profitability and cash flow.

Boosting Patient Loyalty for Health Systems

Most importantly, consumer-friendly patient financing promotes a more positive financial experience, creating loyal patients. Loyal patients result in more return visits, referrals and therefore, more payments. Driving patient loyalty through a better financial experience is one of Patientco’s top priorities for Health Systems.

Likewise, ClearBalance also understands the value of patient loyalty. For nearly 30 years, ClearBalance has been at the forefront of creating a positive patient financial experience, always evolving to set and deliver a high bar for a patient relationship that is compassionate, convenient and keeps your health system top-of-mind the next time he, she or a loved one needs care.

If you’d like to learn more about Patientco’s SmartFinance platform, check out our Solutions page or schedule a demo!