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At Patientco, we know processing patient payments can sometimes feel like a nightmare…that’s why we exist! In the spirit of Halloween, we decided to pitch some billing-themed movie ideas to Hollywood this past weekend. And while major studios and independent filmmakers soundly rejected every single pitch, we thought we’d share them with you anyway.

Coming soon to a theater near you:

Bill Me Later

A man receives a mysterious message in the mail with a random string of numbers and symbols. Upon discovering the message is an overdue medical bill, he begins a dark journey that leads to a secret government hospital and a slew of overdue fees. Was he billed improperly or was his memory erased during an experimental treatment? A handful of cryptic voicemails from a collections agency are his only clue.

Nicolas Cage plays the disgruntled bar owner facing bankruptcy in this fast-paced thriller. Rated PG for action and thematic elements.

IC-Dead People

When a young woman’s exposure to rare crystal causes her to hear voices of dead people , providers must race to find the proper ICD-10 code to file the claim before insurance refuses to cover her treatment.  Can a sharp-minded medical coder save the patient from a life of hearing the voices from the grave…or will she be at the mercy of CMS Ombudsman?

Emma Stone plays a recent college grad tasked with coding the impossible in this obvious ripoff of The Sixth Sense. Rated R for horror elements and language.

Buried in Denials

When a poltergeist causes a local billing office’s fax machine to continuously spit out rejected claims, it’s death by a thousand paper cuts as employees must shut down the machine before they find themselves buried alive…in denials. Will a brave team of administrators-turned-ghostbusters solve the case in time?

Kathy Bates plays the fearless (and funny) Director of Patient Financial Services in this genre-spanning adventure. Rated PG-13 for adult paperwork and paper-related violence.

Happy Halloween!


*the plotlines and associated actors are parody and not actual movies