By Patrick Creagh, Marketing SpecialistMT13_Logo

Medtrade came to our hometown of Atlanta last week, and this gave several additional Patientco team members the opportunity to attend the show for the first time. In addition to exhibiting, we hosted some of our clients and prospects as we watched the Hawks win a preseason game, attended VGM’s Medtrade Gala (the band was great!), and got to catch up with some of our favorite people in the industry.

We can’t wait to be back in the spring. Here’s 3 things we noticed by the end of last week’s show:


This time last year, providers faced uncertainty in constant regulation battles as well as Medicare reimbursement issues. By no means are these battles over, but we noticed a more positive attitude from attendees.


While attendance did not increase, HME News reported that 101 new vendors exhibited and about 1,000 attendees were there for the first time. As the HME industry’s target demographic continues to grow, providers seem optimistic that the industry will blossom in coming years.


We were excited to see lots of new technology on the show floor aimed at improving the lives of HME patients and their providers. With the market expanding, we look forward to providers using new technology (like patient payment automation!) to improve their business and the lives of their patients.