Your patient payment solution in the cloud

Why Patientco

Only Patientco gives healthcare providers like you a complete set of cloud-based tools to dynamically engage patients on a personal level throughout the revenue cycle to increase payments, decrease cost-to-collect, automate back office processes, and improve patient satisfaction long after the episode of care.

You invest heavily in the patient experience while they are in your facility, wouldn’t it be great if that positive experience extended through the revenue cycle?

Imagine if you knew the most effective way to engage each patient to increase their likelihood of making a payment, then gave them the freedom to pay in the way of their choosing, from traditional methods such as paper checks to state-of-the-art methods like an online PatientWallet™. How do you think the patient billing experience would change? What if then, all of those payments, no matter the source, were consolidated, fully reconciled and auto-posted to your native HIS system?  How would your workflow change for the better?

At Patientco, these are the challenges that keep us up at night, working hard to build a better solution for you.

Here’s what you’ll get when you use Patientco: